2nd International Media for All Conference – Text on screen, text on air

I have discovered this (highly interesting) conference via http://www.elcuadernodebitacora.org (a page of translation resources maintained by a group of Spanish translators):

The 2nd International Media for All Conference – Text on screen, text on air,

aims to bring together professionals, scholars, practitioners and other interested parties to explore audiovisual translation (AVT) in theory and practice, discuss its linguistic and cultural dimensions, and investigate the relevance of translation theory for this very specific yet quickly expanding translational genre. It is also interested in initiatives promoting cooperation in AVT between the business and the educational worlds.70-346

Special attention will be devoted to accessibility issues, since the conference organisers are especially interested in the progress being made in turning today’s elitist information society into an information society “for all”. Markets worldwide are changing fast, with distribution policies and strategies being shaped by political decisions and economic factors beside audience expectations and needs. Contributions investigating the social and economic implications of making accessibility an a priori fact of life rather than a necessary evil are therefore welcome.

Through papers, panels, and round-table discussions dealing with such issues, we hope to be able to promote new perspectives, reflecting and anticipating the developments of our rapidly changing times.

Text on screen, text on air will take place in Leiria and it will be the first AVT and accessibility conference ever in Portugal.

The 2 day conference (8–9 Nov) will be preceded by one day of optional Workshops (7 Nov).

A Forum on AVT Research will be held on the evening of 7 November. This is an open space for people who are interested in academic research in AVT for the discussion of issues such as finding a research topic, structuring a research project, finding funding, writing a PhD dissertation, pursuing postdoctoral studies, publishing academic papers, running for prizes and obtaining scholarships.



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