Creative Writing

Creative writing and copywriting

Creative writing

Stories, thoughts, ideas, anecdotes.
Fictional or real or something in between.
I love writing, and here you can find
some of my favourite stories…
or hire me to write one for you.

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A copywriter is a salesperson behind a keyboard, as the saying goes.

Sometimes a translation just won't do. SEO concerns, cultural diferences, completely different offers for the Spanish market… let's write what your Spanish clients need to hear!

Download my ebooks

They're nearly ready! My longer stories, soon in book form.

The Cow (HTML available)

They say you forget everything —that's the polite thing to say. You don't.
TW: pregnancy, birth, obstetric violence

Six Tickets to Paris (in preparation)

All your money and energy spent in getting to that shiny place… Is it all for nothing?

A little bit of sugar, a little bit of salt

This one is about finding friendship where you didn't expect it.

Even if you can't see

About the marriage of a painter to a blind person.

What I write

Some of the things I write for pleasure: stories, travel, language, human rights…

I am available for hire

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