How shall we proceed with your translation?

I love learning about your needs!
Together we can get you the best possible translation solution.
The Begining (meeting you)

It can be a coffee, a Skype meeting or a 10 minute phone call. We can improve results if you tell me how you will use the translation.

The Idea (project and quote)

I will think about your needs and match them to a specific plan of action, with deliverables, deadlines, and pricing.

The OK

We'll agree on what you need from me and what I need from you, and I'll get to work!


This is my favourite part! I sit with your text and turn it into a message for a different culture. Magic! Hard work! Both!

Delivery and evaluation

I send you your translation and we see what can be improved in this case and in the next cycle.

How long will my translation take?

This truly varies: it depends on length, difficulty and format.
Most ordinary translation projects I get (not huge websites or books) can be done in about a week. Please do consult me about your specific case.

Which translation tools do you use?

I love high-tech tools for translation and low-tech tools for art.

Just your code!

Yep, you can send me your HTML, PHP, LaTeX, PO, JSON files, and I'll translate them as they are. I could also connect to your Git server and download it myself, if that's your thing.

Word, InDesign, and all the rest

I use a variety of editing tools. Of course, apart from the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and open source alternatives like LibreOffice, I can work with your Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files.

Scrivener for books

Lately I've discovered that book-writing software is also amazing for translating books —who would have guessed it?

Testing in Apple systems

I can test your apps in my iMac, MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone 5S. If you want me to try them in any other device, you can send it to my office address.

Testing in Android systems

For Android testing I use an LG-V500 (white!) tablet. ^_^

OmegaT is my preferred CAT tool

For the hardcore translation fans: I use OmegaT for most of my translation memory needs. I like POEdit's simplicity for PO files. And I am a Smartling power user!

I am available for hire

I'll be delighted to talk to you about your project.
Call me at +34 658 051 365, Skype me (skypedebego) or write:
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