What if I had a year to live?

On Tuesday my Interpreting students at University brought to class, as practice material, an interview with the star of Breaking Bad. The text contained the question:

What would you do if you had a year to live?

It was funny, at the time, to think that it’s just one year since Benita, my German mom, left us, and that if I had a year to live, I would be doing just what I was doing, at that time.

If I had a year to live, I’d have more reasons, and not fewer reasons, to try and transmit whatever (little?) I’ve learned in these nearly 35 years.

I’m enjoying the privilege of teaching them enormously. They’re brilliant, they’re sensitive, they work hard. And they already present way better than most speakers at conferences… which is clearly the idea of the course. Not to mention the graphic aspect of their presentations, often spectacular.

It is a pity that the world should miss it, so I’ve pushed them to open a blog (I don’t even have the password, it’s their thing). It’s at:


Clearly I haven’t chosen the name, I tend to stay clear of cliches like -mur- (for our city, Murcia) and -trad- (no offense, I stay clear… for my own stuff). XD

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