A message from my outbox

It was so nice to hear back from you!

Don’t apologize. I don’t hold grudges for people taking long to reply.
Mostly because I can understand perfectly how it is to look at that email and say: I’ll answer properly later [time goes by FAST] —oops, now it’s too late.
Honestly I don’t feel like an extraordinary person at all.

Yesterday my 6-year-old daughter asked me «what does ‘it’s normal’ mean?»

And I thought, wow, that’s a good question.
I think it means that it happens a lot, and that it happens to a lot of people.
Some people think that it is a good thing:
it’s normal, its good.
And some people think it is a bad thing:
it’s normal, it’s boring.
Or, it’s not normal, it’s weird.
Or, it’s not normal, it’s special.
So, I don’t feel I am in a league of extraordinary people.
Rather, what I feel when I look around, sometimes, is that I’m weird and most people are not like me.
It feels lonely, when the weird people are not around me.
So getting messages like yours out of the blue, well, it can only be a good thing.
And I don’t mind that they are rare.
If anything, it makes them even more special.
So, thank you for your message!
Hope to hear back from you. Anytime.

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