Project Management

Translation Project Management

So many languages, so little time?

Some of my clients don't have enough time to select translators,
distribute work, provide training, solve queries… and start all over again.
Tell me what the project is about

A phone call or brief meeting will do.


I will present you with a plan to organise your translation workflow.

That's it!

From that moment on, leave it on my hands. Phew! Isn't that a relief?


Of course you'll want to know periodically how things are going. We will meet at specific intervals and find out how the service can improve.

How do you charge for it?

Monthly, on a per-project basis.
Pricing starts at €500/month.
I normallly charge a flat monthly fee —although a per-word rate can also be discussed.
This allows me to —more neutrally— suggest ways you could save money in translation projects.

How can I help you?

Let's dream together and I'll help you get there!

You will have the best translators

One translator is never good at everything: some thrive with legal text, and get shy when it comes to marketing materials. Let me choose the best for your project.

With the right training

Technology is always changing, and maybe you don't have the time to explain to 16 different translators how this new tool works. No worries, I'll do it.

Free from constant queries

Overwhelmed with queries? Multilingual teams often have the same type of questions. Let me take care of that, and get back to you with the game-changing ones only.

Total transparency

I am not an intermediary: I'm part of your team. Translators will invoice your company directly. My clients pay rates I find reasonable, and settle their accounts in 30 days or less.

I have time for you

Do call me and we will discuss the possibilities: (+34) 658 051 365,
Skype me at skypedebego or give me your details and I'll get back to you:

It all went well! Your message is on its way.