What would you give to stop 500 million people forgetting about you?

More than 1.000 new apps are published every day. What would you give to avoid 500 million people uninstalling your app? Or closing your website?

Is it in Spanish? Does it make sense?

My name is Bego.

Family and friends call me Bego. Maybe you will too, soon.

I’m your high-tech Spanish translator.

I’ve had a computer since screens were green, and I love languages, literature, art and all things digital.

Not only am I a digital native: I have 10 years of experience working with web designers and programmers.

English to Spanish translation, right in your source code

Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who knows what an app is, how it works? Someone who can add the translation right in the source code, saving you hours of boring copy and paste. Now you’ve found me.

The other house specials: editing, proofreading, subtitling

Yes, there’s more in the menu: multilingual project management, website localization, internationalization, literature, terminology, technical translation, IT translation, iOS apps, Android apps, literary translation, writing.

Spanish interpreting —translation at live events

I am an interpreter. That means I do translation at live events, at the same time that the person speaks (that’s called simultaneous interpreting) or in turns (that’s called consecutive interpreting).

My language services

How can I help you?

Let’s talk today!

Discover now how I can help people from all over the world to understand your message.

My clients and colleagues

I love working with these people! Talented, enthusiastic, international… Meet some of them.

Bego is a great travel companion at Hightrack.
Her translations are always on time, with maximum quality and human touch, to take productivity even further.

Quique GonzálezCEO and co-founder at Hightrack, Madrid

Begoña is professional but friendly, supportive and helpful, and a true expert in her field.

Kate MajorProfessional Freelance Translator, Spain

Bego is a joy to work with. She helped streamline our translation needs, offered advice and suggestions, accepts a load of different formats, and gets everything back on time. She’s an essential part of our team!

Jo SayersProject manager at
Flovo.co, London

Thank you @minibego for the mesmerising translation in such short notice!

Estela OlivaFounder at
Alpha-ville, London

What I write

Stories, travel, language, human rights… a slice of my mind.

  • 17 September, 2014
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The Editing Gaiman Dream

We’re editing together, head to head. It’s a bio, a blurb, maybe something in between. He’s Neil Gaiman, (I know Amanda is behind me, reading something else) and he’s mumbling a bit,

  • 14 September, 2014
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My take on Alyssa Aldersley’s The double life of being a parent at an early stage startup

Josep Martínez just sent me via twitter this very nice nice article and I recommend that you read it too: Alyssa Aldersley: The double life of being a parent at

  • 3 September, 2014
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Comments on Sticks and Stones, by XKCD

  From a Google+ conversation: Ramón Nogueras: That is completely and absolutely untrue, unless you admit that anyone other than you has control over your feelings. Words have only as

  • 3 September, 2014
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I’m Nica: a short note from Niquinohomo, Nicaragua

  Yesterday I visited the birthplace of Sandino, Niquinohomo. Yo soy del pueblo que un niño en Niquinohomo soñó. Soy del pueblo de Sandino y Benjamín Zeledón —Yo soy de

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