I was a task, written and read by me

This poem is halfway between David Allen and Charles Bukowski.

Poem: I was a task. Written and read by Bego.

I was a task

I was a task
On your to do list.
Oh, how I played in your brain,
How I ran and played and danced,
How I waited for my turn.
How I grew up
Suddenly urgent.
It was so beautiful
That final day
When I was your top priority.
You gave me all your attention.
I felt so special.
All other things
Pushed aside
For me.
Crossed off and grayed out,
I fall into oblivion.
That final day
Was so beautiful:
The ecstasy
The second
You finished
With me.
I thought:
“Oh, no,
I’m done”.

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Melisa Palferro (@MelisaPalferro)
3 December, 2012

¡Me encantó! Qué difícil escribir en otro idioma, yo lo he intentado muy poquitas veces y no con los mejores resultados xD. Congrats!! 🙂

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